New Construction Home Inspection-I’m Ready to Move In!

new home inspection

Is it crazy to consider a third party home inspection on a newly built home?  In our experience, absolutely not.

While you may think spending a few hundred dollars makes no sense in your situation, the truth is brand new homes have issues too. Even if you are thrilled with your builder, it’s important to understand you’ve had a series of subcontractors in and out of your new home.  Most were likely outstanding at their trade.  But even good people get interrupted in their work and mistakes happen. That’s where we come in.

In our New Construction Home Inspections, we check everything from attic ventilation to electrical outlets to make sure everything is functioning properly before you move in and settle up with your builder.

Fill out our inspection questionnaire to schedule your New Construction Home Inspection and put those nagging fears in the back of your mind to rest!